The most important information

Household with traditions.

The household has been exsisted from three generations, it was founded in 1978. It is located in the Wielkopolska voivodship at the northern edge of Łobżenica city by Łobzonka river. We support each other in direct production, help each other and we try to develop and invest in our households to produce top-of-the-range products.

Rubi Juice pressed juices.

The fruit used to produce our juices come from Lobzonka Valley orchards. The Valley is one of the purest Poland’s regions and some of its areas were included in NATURA 2000 program. Our juices are cold pressed in the production process, hence we obtain the juices with unique flavours, then they are submitted gentle pasteurization, thanks to which they stay fresh and preserve all nutritious ingredients.

Cold pressed

gently pasteurized

without the addition of preservatives, sugar and water

remains fresh for 12 months

IPO and Global GAP Certificates

Rubi Juice products

We have a very large selection of juices. We produce juices in doypack 200ml,
glass bottle 300ml and in bag in box bags of 2l, 3l, 5l, 10l and 20l. We have juices in over 40 different flavors. Additionally, our offer includes a wooden dispenser dedicated to juices, bag in box.
We can also pack our juices in a convenient carton that makes it easier to pour juices.

Healthy water is the basis for a productive crop

We have modern irrigation and fertigation on all hectares of our farms. Fertilization using irrigation systems, that we have, is highly effective way of delivering nutrients. This allows us to accurately determine fertilizer rates and respond quickly to changing plant needs. Most of the crops are located along Łobzonka river, associated with a specific microclimate, which in turn has an impact on intensive growth, maturation and colouring of fruit.

Safe plants! We have hard evidence of this!

Trees and fuit in household are kept and protected in accordance with good fruit practice, as well as with the fruit plant protection program. Our production is based on IPO Certificate, Global gap, as well as GRASP. We also run the HACCP system-  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System- it is a set of interconnected procedures that implement the system as a whole food safety management system. The long-standing tradition, experience and technology at our disposal guarantee the highest quality of service provided that meets the market criteria and requirements for the fruit product.

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